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School’s Story

Coral Academy of Science is a K-12 state sponsored tuition free public charter school with emphasis in the areas of Math, Science, and Technology. The school was designated as a high achieving school by the Nevada Department of Education two years in a row and successfully met Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for the past 2011-2012 academic year.  We have participated in many academic competitions since school started and our students have won several awards at these competitions, such as Science Olympiads, Science Fairs, statewide Science Bowls, Math Counts competitions, and Lego Robotics competitions.

Coral Academy of Science Las Vegas started its operation in 2007-2008 school years at Tamarus Campus as a replication of Coral Academy of Science Reno. It built a good reputation in this first 2 years. In the 3rd year after the success of the school have been heard in the area which resulted in growing waiting lists. As the school grew, the Corporate Circle Campus was used to meet the demand for one year. In the 4th year with more success and growing waiting lists, the school added Windmill Campus and Sandy Ridge Campus.

During this time of economic hardship, the school has been well received and highly sought out in the community, as many parents who live in Henderson and the neighboring Las Vegas area have been looking for a safe and academically rigorous school. Our parents and students have chosen to be a part of our school due to our strong academic program, and we are able to provide that high quality education without the need of charging tuition. Furthermore, our school has proven to be in such high demand, receiving around 1500 applications last year.

We are very proud of the accomplishments of our students and hard-working teachers who have been very involved in various events locally and regionally.

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