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Sandy Ridge HS Curriculum

Freshman Year   Sophomore Year
Math (Algebra 1 – Geometry – Algebra 2) Math (Geometry – Algebra 2-Pre Calculus)
English 1 English 2
Science ( Biology ) Science  ( Chemistry )
PE 1 World History
Elective 1 PE 2
Elective 2 Elective 1


Junior Year   Senior Year
Math (Algebra 2 – Pre Calculus – Calculus) Math (Pre Calculus – Calculus – Statistics)
English Lit. & Composition English Lang. & Composition
Science Science
US History US Government
College Prep Elective 1
Elective 1 Elective 2



The Las Vegas Review-Journal is hosting their annual “Best of Las Vegas” contest. Our school, Coral Academy of Science Las Vegas, has been nominated in the “Best Charter School”, "Best Elementary School" "Best Middle School"  and "Best High School" categories. This is a great opportunity for the CASLV community to show their support for our great school!


The voting is easy, and requires just a few steps! You may vote once every day until the voting period ends on September 25th.

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