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Parent Testimonial

Hear from our great parents about why they love having their children attend Coral Academy of Science Las Vegas!



     We have been a part of the Coral Academy of Science, Las Vegas family for seven years.  We are fortunate enough to have both of our children attend CASLV.  One of our children is a ninth grader at the Sandy Ridge Campus and the other is a fifth grader at the Windmill campus. When we applied for our son (now a 9th grader) to attend CASLV in the third grade, we were intrigued by Coral’s educational curriculum and focus on science and math.  Public school was not challenging our son.  When he started at CASLV, little did we know that he and our daughter would be receiving a first-class education.  CASLV is the number one ranked charter school in Nevada.  Coral Academy provides a rigorous curriculum with college preparatory classes.  We appreciate the fact that both of our children are being challenged academically by doing work that is one to two years ahead of their grade level.  Our children look forward to going to school every day because of the social and educational environment being provided to them.  CASLV is the only charter school in Nevada to compete with magnet schools in Science Olympiads, math competitions, debate, athletics, and art.  Every year that our children attend CASLV, it becomes more and more evident why CASLV is a five-star ranked school and why so many parents are trying to get their children in.

     As an 8th grader, our son did not even question whether or not he would attend high school at Coral.  In fact, even when he was approached by a public high school basketball coach to train with his team over the summer, my son quickly replied, “Thank you, but I am staying at Coral.”  We are so grateful to the Board of Directors and Administrators for providing a world class high school education.  We knew that the Washington Post listed CASLV’s High School as the #1 Most Challenging High School in Nevada in 2014, and the 73rd most challenging in the United States, but now we see why.  The education our son is receiving is limitless.  As a Freshman, our son is taking one Advanced Placement class, four Honors classes, and Physical Education.  He is also a member of the National Junior Honor Society, College Mentor and Leadership Program, as well as being on the Men’s Junior Varsity and Varsity Basketball teams.  He receives much support and guidance from his teachers, academic advisors, administration and coaches.

     Throughout the past seven years, we have seen Coral Academy grow and advance into the amazing charter school that it is today.  We appreciate that the Board listens to parents and students and therefore makes changes and/or improvements based on what is in the students’ best interest.  I can only hope that by opening two more campuses the next school year, more parents and their children can experience this five-star ranked school and be fortunate enough to experience this world class education.  We look forward to both of our children receiving their High School Diplomas from Coral Academy of Science, Las Vegas and being more than prepared for college and life.

– Tamara Hammer, MA


Coral Academy of Science was the best decision we have ever made for our children. What initially drew us to the school was the concentration on math and science, but we soon found that the school offered students a well- rounded education that would prepare our children for college. The teachers at Coral are passionate about teaching and go above and beyond to make sure students are successful. Our daughter has had the pleasure of being on the Elementary Science Olympiad team for the past two years. Ms. Destinie spent hours outside of school hours training and preparing the children. The team, in its very first year, placed third at the state competition. What was more important to me than a trophy was the fact that my daughter now has a true love of science and she is excited about school every day.

-Kendra M. Gage, Ph.D.

We have been a Coral Family for almost six years now. My son joined Coral Academy, Las Vegas in his fifth grade. We are so happy that we joined Coral as he was not challenged enough in the public school. He would finish his work and had to wait for his class to finish so that the teacher would move ahead, but here at Coral, he was challenged at every step. He had wonderful teachers and coaches throughout his academic years at CASLV.

When we joined the middle school we were a little hesitant, but it was all great. He was not only doing advanced math at higher grade level but even competing with different schools in math, Science Olympiads, Nevada Science Bowl, and many speech and debate competitions.

We are very grateful to Mr. Hikmet who is an amazing math coach at CASLV who not only made Math easy to understand but fun, because of which being a sophomore now, he is still doing math with the seniors.

My daughter joined CASLV in kindergarten and is now in the fourth grade. Her curriculum was far more advanced than what my son had when he was in public school. They are not only advancing in math and science but also in reading and writing. She is reading books at a middle school level. Even at elementary level they are competing with other schools in math and science competitions.

CASLV is a wonderful charter school with excellent teachers and administrators who are dedicated to create an optimal setting for learning. The administrators are always ready to listen to the parents’ concerns and are ready to make every possible change they can in the interest of the children. CASLV is providing more than just learning how to read and write, it is giving our children a foundation of life skills that they will forever need.

We are glad to be a part of this family!!!!!!!

– Neeta Phen


Coral Academy of Science is one of the best schools in the Las Vegas area.  Our son attended a private school before Coral Academy of Science and the standard that Coral Academy of Science offers is equal or in some cases exceeds that of a private school.  We made a comparison with my son’s friend from other private schools and discover the syllabus used was the same.  Students at Coral Academy are challenged and encouraged to exceed expectations.  The students are grouped by test score ranking so everyone in their class is learning at the same speed.

My daughter has been with Coral Academy of Science since Kindergarten.  In Fourth Grade now, her reading, math and science level is at least a level or two higher than her peers in public school.

All the teachers that we have met at Coral Academy of Science are very dedicated and committed to their students.  These teachers will spend time with the student outside of regular classroom hours to tutor or prepare them for competitions.

The faculty and administrators at Coral Academy of Science have an open door policy.  They are very easy to approach and we have a wonderful relationship with them.

Thank you Coral Academy of Science!  Keep up the excellent job preparing students for college tomorrow.

                                                                                                                             –  Paulin Wong



My daughter and my son have been attending CASLV for the past three years. I have watched both my daughter and son flourish academically and socially at this school. They were both involved in STEM, Math, and Cooking. My son also participated in Robotics, Speech and Debate, Science Olympiad, and Lacrosse.

Both my children had excellent teachers who are dedicated and very hard working. Primarily due to CASLV teachers and staff, my son has maintained a 4.0 GPA while my daughter, during Grade 10, has already successfully completed AP Biology and AP World History!

My husband and I were so impressed with CASLV, that we enrolled our youngest child at the Windmill Campus this past year. Needless to say, he also performed very well throughout the 2015-2016 school year, finishing with a 4.0 GPA.

I strongly encourage parents to enroll their children at CASLV which offers stellar academic opportunities as well as a variety of sports and extracurricular activities! Keep up the amazing team effort!

– Husna Alikhan


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