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Mission Statement

“The mission of CASLV is to provide a safe, rigorous college preparatory environment that promotes social responsibility and a culturally diverse community dedicated to becoming lifelong learners bound for success.”

School Beliefs
C – Challenge: Every student is challenged to enhance character and fulfill their academic potential.
A Acceptance & Achievement: Accepting the diversity of our peers and achieving goals beyond ourselves.
S – Safety: Providing a safe learning environment that sets boundaries to allow students to achieve greatness.
L – Lifelong Learning: Fostering of love of lifelong learning
V – Values: Developing well rounded individuals while promoting integrity and responsibility.

Coral Academy of Science Las Vegas‘s mission is to provide a safe, rigorous college preparatory environment that promotes social responsibility and a culturally diverse community dedicated to becoming lifelong learners bound for success. At CASLV, we recognize that educational success will be realized only when the essential underlying triad of student-teacher-parent/guardian is in harmony.

We, as educators, will create a partnership among this triad that will provide our youth with the support necessary to reach their highest potential- intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically. The educational vision and innovation crucial to accomplishing this mission are organized under two main headings: specific elements and whole-school design. The specific design elements fall into five categories: 1. rigorous curricula, instruction, and assessment; 2. leadership, governance, and staffing; 3. parent and community involvement; 4. technology; and 5. financing. Whole school design involves the comprehensive and continuing effort to realize these five essential elements in an integrated manner.

It is our belief that each child has an inherent curiosity and love of learning; and that each child has a unique intelligence, level of capability, and learning style. With this in mind, we will motivate our students and expect them to strive toward their highest levels of capability while addressing their individual learning styles, thus fostering within them a life-long love of learning.

Continuous improvement, persistent innovation, positive response to change, and a commitment to continuous growth will be expected of all the people and programs at CASLV. The public’s resources and those of the Board of Directors must be effectively committed to ensure that these expectations will be met. Then, and only then, will our tested educational vision infused with the energy of local innovation harmonize the triad of student-teacher-parent/guardian support to accomplish our mission, that of providing each student with the motivation and resources to reach his or her highest potential and realize his or her greatest aspirations.

It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors, in alliance with the community, to guide the school in holding true to its mission. To this end, the Board of Directors will provide the school with the support which will ensure optimal conditions for the achievement and continuing growth and development of each student.



The Las Vegas Review-Journal is hosting their annual “Best of Las Vegas” contest. Our school, Coral Academy of Science Las Vegas, has been nominated in the “Best Charter School”, "Best Elementary School" "Best Middle School"  and "Best High School" categories. This is a great opportunity for the CASLV community to show their support for our great school!


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