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Centennial Hills Science Fair Project Guide

Math, Science, and Technology play an important role in CASLV’s mission. For this reason, all students will complete a science fair project this year.

Students in grades 3-8 will have individual projects, while Students in grades K-2 will have class projects.

Students’ task is to research, design, and conduct their own science fair project. In February, the best projects from each class will be evaluated by a group of judges to select the winning projects in each grade. Those projects will go on to UNLV to represent CASLV Centennial Hills in the Southern Nevada Regional Science Fair.

If your child did not bring the packet of lost it, you may print the packet via the link below.

Science Fair Packet for grades K-4:

Science Fair Project Guide Grades K-4

Science Fair Packet for grades 5-8:

Science Fair Project Guide Grades 5-8

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