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Lottery Application & Procedure 

Who may submit an application?

An application for enrollment in a charter school needs to be submitted by the parent or legal guardian of the child residing in Nevada. (NRS 388A.453(1).) CASLV will require legal documentation to evidence a legal guardianship. 

When is the application window?

The application window for a school year begins on November 1st of the prior school year.  All applications that are submitted between November 1st and noon (Pacific time) on February 28th will be included in the lottery to be held on the first business day after the February 28th deadline.  Any applications received after noon on February 28th will be subject to an additional lottery if applicable. 

Once the school year begins, if the grade in which an application is submitted for is not yet full, a student can be immediately enrolled and receive instruction at the time they seek enrollment.  However, if the grade is full, the student’s name is placed in a submitted status and the student’s application will await an additional lottery. The determination of available spaces is based on grade-specific seat capacity and the number of returning CASLV students. 

How may a parent/legal guardian submit an application?

To submit an online application, a parent/legal guardian must create an online family account (which will, among other things, make applying for multiple students easier).  The link is currently  (If that link does not work, please see the school’s general website for more information, at  If you do not have internet access, please feel free to visit any school campus.

Once the family account is created, the parent/legal guardian will need to submit an individual application for each child. 

CASLV typically uses email notifications to inform families about the lottery process and results, so we highly encourage you to provide the school with your email account.

How is the lottery conducted?

The lottery will consist of the names of all students whose parent/legal guardian has completed the online application. If more students apply than the building can accommodate, all names are subject to the lottery.  

CASLV currently uses special software (licensed by a third party called SchoolMint) to conduct the lottery.

It is important for transparency purposes that CASLV keeps an accurate record of the enrollment lottery. The lottery is video-recorded and original lottery lists from the software system are printed and stored at the school’s Central Office. 

How will I find out about the lottery results?

Typically within three business days after the lottery, CASLV will send the results through the application software system (SchoolMint).  That notification will typically be by email (to all parents/legal guardians providing email addresses).

Follow-up notifications will also be sent throughout the process, providing additional enrollment information based on a child’s application status. 

If/when a waitlist is completed for a given grade, another lottery will (later) be conducted to determine the waitlist order of the applicants that have applied after the original deadline. (NRS 388A.453; NRS 388A.456).

Please note when making the family profile, email notification is highly recommended. The email notifications will provide additional detailed information throughout the application process. 

Click here to start your family profile.

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